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Page 225

    A drugstore in Galveston, Texas, had been in business for twenty-five years. After calculating all of the drug prescriptions they had filled during the past years, they placed a large sign in their front windows which stated, "Trusted One Million Times!"

    Imagine the sign we could place upon God's work! He has never deceived one who placed trust in Him! To those who need Christ's "medicines," this is a great encouragement and comfort. Is it to you? Are you trusting Him, and Him alone?

    A woman visiting the large Mueller Orphans' Home complex in Bristol, England, which was operated almost totally by donations, said to Dr. Burton, its director, "It must take great faith to keep all this going."

    Dr. Burton paused for a moment and then replied, "Madam, little faith in a strong plank will safely carry me over the stream. But great faith in a rotten plank will sink me."

    What truth was Dr. Burton emphasizing in his answer regarding trusting in God?

    Martin Luther relates how, under deep distress of personal sin, the wickedness of his country, and the dangers facing the church, he fell into a state of deep depression and hopelessness for several days in a row.

    One morning, his wife closed all the curtains and came to talk with him, dressed totally in black. Both were signs of mourning at that time.

How does Dr. Burton's answer reveal little faith in his faith, but great faith in his God?

And they believed the Scripture, and the Word which Jesus had said.

- John 2:22b

Why is unbelief insulting to God?

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