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Page 233

    Liane felt herself to be increasingly attracted to Greg, but her hopes fluctuated greatly. Sometimes she felt that he gave her special attention; but then again, he seemed to ignore her for several days. When she received a warm smile, or a kind word, she was hopeful again; but later, she would think that this was only her imagination. Her "faith" in Greg's love was very unstable; it depended heavily upon special encouraging words or signs.

    Later, however, Greg and Liane began dating regularly. Her love for Greg continued to deepen. Her knowledge of him and her confidence in his love for her were steadily strengthened throughout their dating years.

    Now Greg and Liane have been married for two years. She is assured of his love for her, and delights in this knowledge. She is confident of his love for her even when he has other things on his mind and does not especially express his love. She does not need to rely upon the special words or signs as she did several years ago to believe that he loves her. She now rests in assurance of his love.

    Liane's love for Greg is the same in essence; it is the same love, but it has deepened in degree. It has grown from a seeking, to a finding, to an assuring love.

    Spiritually, God's "brides" all experience the same love, the same faith in the same "Bridegroom's" love. While it is the same faith in essence, however, it varies in degree. Seeking faith's hope fluctuates considerably according to special encouraging words, texts, or providences; assured faith is more settled and does not require these things in order to believe. Why is this distinction important?

Why does God wean His maturing children from depending upon special words, phrases, songs, etc., in order to believe in Him?

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