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Page 264

Explain how two of the three degrees of true saving faith are found in this story:
-Refuge-seeking faith
-Refuge-finding faith
What is the third degree of saving faith? How would it follow that which is related in this example?

    On this day, he receives word in his cell that the king has promised to sign several new pardons. The messenger tells the prisoner of former cases quite similar to his that the king has pardoned, and he believes that the king has also signed his. He then hears that a man in the next cell has received a pardon.

    This stirs faith and excites hope in the heart of the prisoner. But he is not assured of his personal pardon. The prisoner hopes that the king has signed it; his faith and hope cause his heart to long all the more for the confirmation, the assurance of his pardon.

    Hours go by; his faith rises and falls. As time lengthens, his faith begins to falter. The former fire of faith is reduced to smoldering coals with an occasional flickering flame.

    But when all appears lost for him, a knock is heard on his cell door. A personal pardon for him, signed by the king, is received. Tears of joy flow freely as he presses his pardon to his chest and falls down upon his knees in thankfulness. The grace of his king to pardon such a sinner as he has learned himself to be, is too great! But now he cannot doubt it - the pardon is his, signed by his king!

    How does this example illustrate the difference between those who are justified by God in regeneration and those who are assured of their personal justification in their consciences?

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