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Page 285

    A God-fearing man once warned another against an openly sinful practice. The reproved man resisted the loving admonition given, however, and responded, "Jesus has saved me as well as you; therefore, you take care of your business and I'll take care of mine!"

    "Remember, Jesus only saves as King Jesus," the first man responded.

    "What do you mean?"

    "Jesus is both a Savior and a King. Those who claim Him as Savior must honor Him as King."

    "I do!"

    "One honors a king by obeying him, by following his commands - his laws."

    The resulting silence testified that the truth of this statement was understood.

    How does the inseparability of Jesus as Savior and King relate to the inseparability of justification and sanctification?

    Those whom God declares righteous, He will also make holy. Why is it important to clearly understand that these two cannot be separated?

While justification and sanctification cannot be separated from e another, in the sense that a person can possess the one without e other, yet the two are distinct benefits, each possessing different characteristics.

How does this story illustrate the truth that justification and sanctification cannot be separated?

A church forefather once wrote, "We may be as orthodox in belief as the devil, and just as wicked." What did he mean?

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