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Page 287

    A plantation owner in the southern United States was viewing various slaves at the market, when he stared in surprise at an older slave for sale. This man was Sam, a runaway slave, one who had served him faithfully for some time and then had rebelled and fled from him.

    The man was badly bruised, beaten, dirty, and in the poorest of health. Besides, payment was required for various thefts he had committed before his new owner could have a clear title to him.

    When viewing the hopeless condition of this poor, filthy, debt-ridden, castaway slave, the plantation owner felt pity for him. "I will show mercy to him. I will buy him back," he decided.

    After paying the full price for the slave's debts and purchase, the owner came to his former slave, released him, and said, "Sam, now you are doubly mine -first, by rightful ownership, and now by redemption!"

    "Thank you, Master! Thank you!" a tearfully appreciative Sam replied.

    Upon completion of the purchase transaction, Sam's state immediately changed. A legal act took place which changed his owner, paid his debts, and made him equal in state to all the other servants of his master. All this took place outside of him, through his master's work; his master's payment was imputed to him, and his purchase applied to him.

    This instant change in state did not produce an instant change in Sam's bodily condition, however. In condition, he was not as healthy as other servants of his master. But his master showed continual care for Sam's physical health -he washed his filth, treated his wounds, provided good medicines, and supplied him with healthy foods. Sam's health and strength were gradually renewed, through the infusion of His master's continual care. While his health never fully returned, yet it was miraculously restored compared to what it was before he was redeemed.

Explain how the following spiritual truths are pictured by this natural story:
- Justification
- Sanctification
- Misery
- Deliverance
- Thankfulness

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