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  • Ermine - A small weasel living in northern Europe and Asia which grows a pure white coat of fur during the winter months

  • According to his new nature, is living a holy life something that the believer must do, or is it also that which he desires to do? Why?

      A small weasel called the ermine lives in remote regions of northern Europe and Asia. It is known and hunted for its thick snow-white fur which it bears during the winter months.

      The ermine takes peculiar care to keep its coat spotlessly clean. Knowledge of this fact has been used by fur hunters when hunting the ermine. Once they find the weasel's home, a hollow log or rock den, they daub the entrance with tar or other filth.

      The hunters then start their dogs on the chase. The ermine flees to its home, but when reaching it, finds the entrance covered with uncleanness. Rather than dirtying its pure white coat by entering the den, it will turn to face death from the approaching dogs.

      The ermine would rather die than ruin its purity through contact with uncleanness.

      In sanctification, the believer's new nature loves spiritual purity more than natural life; he would rather die than sin. How does the witness of numerous martyrs testify of this truth? Is the new nature of a child of God always active, always stronger than the old nature, always producing works of purity in his life? Why or why not?

    Sanctification can be spoken of in a:

    1. Passive sense - as solely the supernatural work of God within the believer.

    2. Active sense - as the cooperating work of the nature within the believer.

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