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God the Holy Spirit is the Applier, the great Worker of sanctification. In this sense, sanctification is the absolute, supernatural work of God in which natural man is entirely passive, and to which he cannot contribute anything.

    A famous violinist lodged one stormy night in the simple home of a poor cottager. After several neighbors gathered in the cottager's home, he asked the violinist to play some songs for them. The man, however, did not have his instrument with him and the only instrument they could find was a battered, out-of-tune, unused, dusty violin, which had been discarded as no longer fit to serve its purpose.

    However, under the skillful hands and ears of the musician, the defective instrument was renewed and the room was filled with such melodious tunes that all were amazed at the richness of sound which could be produced from it.

    In the skillful hands of the great Worker, God the Holy Spirit, the out-of-tune hearts of His children are worked upon to produce such melodious, spiritual tunes that many are amazed and rejoice to hear it!

    Who deserves the credit when beautiful "songs" of sanctification are produced in the lives of believers? Why?

What rich comfort is missed by those who deny the almighty work of the Holy Spirit in sanctification, especially when experiencing their sinfulness?

Why do good works performed by God's children glorify the Lord?

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