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Page 317

    Three times his commander asked him and three times he answered, "Alexander."

    In anger, Alexander the Great pointed at him and shouted, "Either you change your name or your conduct. No man may bear my name and do the things you have done."

    If we bear the name of Christian - by external relationship or especially by internal, saving relationship why does the lesson of this story apply far more to us than to the soldier mentioned?

    A missionary in China once traveled for the first time to a remote inland town. Surprised at the warm reception he received and the interest shown, he preached law and gospel to the people there for several weeks.

    Once after preaching to them about the life of Jesus - His love, tenderness, and holiness - someone answered, "Yes, we knew him; he used to live here."

    Somewhat surprised, the missionary corrected the man, and said, "No, He lived centuries ago in a faraway land."

    However, now several others in the group joined with the man who spoke and said, "No, exactly the man you described used to live here. We all knew him."

Why must outward as well as inward Christians be deeply conscious of the Name they bear?

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