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Page 32

  • Despondency -
    A condition of being depressed; full of despair
  • Diagnosis - Identification of a certain disease by testing or observing its marks or symptoms

  • When does the restoration of God's image in a saved sinner begin? When will the restoration be fully and perfectly accomplished?

    Marjorie was devastated. As a young mother with two children, she had been diagnosed as having a serious case of cancer. When the doctor told her this, she sank into despair. For the next several days, she had no desire to do anything. Despondency set in.

    A few weeks later, however, Marjorie met Alice, another mother who had experienced the same type of cancer at the same age as Marjorie had. Alice had received her diagnosis five years ago and had steadily improved since that time, through God's blessing of the treatments used.

    Marjorie found comfort and encouragement in pouring out her heart to Alice. She gave vent to all her worries and fears. She could feel that Alice understood and identified with her needs and anxieties.

    Re-read Hebrews 2:17-18 and 4:15-16, quoted in the side margin on the previous page. Why is the sympathetic nature of Christ's priesthood most comforting to a soul in distress? Why can Jesus perfectly understand and relate to every sorrow and feeling? How is the truth that Christ is an understanding and sympathetic High Priest a rich encouragement to pray?

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