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A "law" is an official rule or standard issued by an authority which requires obedience. Law implies a lawgiver and enforcer; it requires an authority. Good laws and upright authority are blessings that safeguard basic freedoms.

    "Isn't it just the opposite?" Tim asked, after his teacher stated that proper laws and authority safeguard freedom. "I think that laws restrict a person's freedom; if there were no laws, then you would be free to do what you want."

    "Let me use an example to explain," Tim's teacher replied. "Imagine our governing officials removing all traffic laws and enforcement tomorrow. Starting tomorrow everyone is 'free' to choose whether they wish to stop for stoplights, obey speed limits, and observe traffic signs or not. Everyone is 'free' to drive on whatever side of the road they choose, or down the center if they want.

    "Can you visualize what would take place? Your freedom to safely drive on our city streets would be lost. Good traffic laws and enforcement restrict unsafe practices, but ensure the basic freedom to safely use our roads.

  • Implies - Suggests; includes as a necessary condition or circumstance

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