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Page 332

Sin is the breaking of God's law. When we break God's law, we think we are wiser than God. Why? How does this reveal the motive of placing and trusting ourselves as "god"?

Why is sin treason - disloyalty to one's king and serving one's enemy? How are traitors dealt with by their kings? Why is sin a very serious crime?

In whose judgment, God's or their own, do the unconverted place their trust? Whose judgment do the converted trust most deeply?

God's laws can be compared to the placement of the safety buoys in the example on the previous page. The Lord lovingly notifies us of, and forbids us to, enter those areas which are hazardous to our well-being and will result in our "shipwreck." The Lord is not obligated to do this, but He does so out of care and concern for mankind.

At times, due to our ignorance and inexperience, we do not see any danger in that which God has forbidden. Especially at such times, we can foolishly and rebelliously strive to obtain that which God knows is harmful for us. The following example illustrates this truth.

    Marcia's three-year-old sister has been told never to touch the bottles of pills and medicines stored in their family's medicine cabinet. Her little sister, however, feels that this rule is cruel and unfair. She wants to eat some of those "attractive candies."

    One afternoon, she manages to climb from a chair onto the counter and opens the medicine cabinet. As she is deciding which" candy" to eat first, Marcia sees her, quickly carries her from the room, and returns to close the cabinet door and remove the chair.

    Her younger sister begins to cry and pout. She cannot understand why she is not allowed to eat some "candy," nor why her father, mother, and older sister are so mean to her by always saying "no" when she asks for this "candy."

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