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To the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this Word, it is because there is no light in them.

- Isaiah 8:20


Why is Christian education a necessity?

Can a person's conscience always be his guide? Why or .who not? Explain how a person can be sincere, but be sincerely wrong.

Personal, societal, and creational law are all precious common grace gifts of God; life on earth would not be possible without them. However, they need to be rooted in, and nourished by, biblical law. The more clearly God's Word is foundational in the molding of conscience, the governing of society, and the viewing of creation, the more beneficial these forms of law revelation will be. The opposite is also true, however. The further they stray from the infallible foundation of biblical law, the less beneficial they become.

Therefore, there is only one, reliable, perfect guide; one infallible law-word for life - the Word of God, biblical law. Personal, societal, and creationallaw are helpful means, but only insofar as they agree with biblical truth. The following examples illustrate this truth.

    "I don't feel that an over-Sunday skiing trip is wrong," Mark reasons. "I've been skiing all day on Sunday several times. When I do something wrong, my conscience speaks. But it never warns me about skiing on Sundays. Maybe to you it's wrong, but not to me."

    "Yes, I have had an abortion," Wendy states, "but that is not wrong. It was perfectly legal. I did not break any state (provincial) or federal law. Maybe to you this is wrong, but not to me."

    "Light travels at a constant speed throughout the universe," Sandy's teacher lectures. "Therefore we know that the universe is millions of years old. If it was not, the light of this galaxy would not have reached us yet because it is four hundred million light years away."

    While personal, societal, and creational law are precious gifts from God, explain how these three examples are distortions and misuses of these types of law. How can a person determine if his feelings or reasonings are a correct or mistaken use of these revelations of God's law? Why is this matter of great, practical importance?

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