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Page 338

People who ignore the Old Testament and only use the New, miss many rich scriptural teachings - also gospel teachings. Why is this true?

Is the Old Testament only law? Is the New Testament only gospel? Explain.

    The Old Testament High Priest wore a breastplate which contained twelve stones which were engraved with the names of the twelve tribes of Israel. This breastplate was attached by gold chains to two shoulder pieces of onyx stone, which also had the twelve tribes' names engraved into them. The base of the breastplate was tied to the High Priest's ephod by blue ribbons.

    Answer the following questions to see the rich and comforting teaching for God's Church contained in this ceremonial law. State what the following are types of, what they signify.

    - The High Priest
    - The number 12
    - Israel (the twelve tribes)
    - Engraved in stone
    - The High Priest's heart
    - The High Priest's shoulders
    - Gold
    - Chains of gold
    - Blue

    How does this example teach the rich gospel truth that all God's people (His Church) are permanently engraved upon the great High Priest's heart and carried upon His shoulders?

    The Belgic Confession of Faith speaks about both the ceremonial law's abolished and abiding aspects.

    The Belgic Confession of Faith

    We believe, that the ceremonies and figures of the law ceased at the corning of Christ, and that all the shadows are accomplished; so that the use of them must be abolished amongst Christians; yet the truth and substance of them remain with us in Jesus Christ, in whom they have their completion. In the meantime, we still use the testimonies taken out of the law and the prophets, to confirm us in the doctrine of the gospel, and to regulate our life in all honesty, to the glory of God, according to His will.

    - Article 25

    How does this article testify both of the ceremonial law's abolished aspect and of its abiding aspect?

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