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Page 346

Some of our church forefathers quoted the following statement: "The Holy Spirit directs His children to the 'workhouse' and from the 'workhouse' to the 'poorhouse'!"

To what does this statement refer? Explain.

    The next morning, by the light of the sun, the native looked in the mirror and saw the seriousness of his wound. The sight of it shocked him and filled him with concern. He then pleaded with the doctor to do everything he could to heal him.

    What comparisons can you observe between this native's conviction of the seriousness of his wound and a sinner's conviction of the seriousness of his spiritual wound and disease? How does the Holy Spirit, as spiritual Physician, use his mirror and light? Why are all three needed - physician, light, and mirror?

God the Holy Spirit often begins His saving work by convictinJ a person of one or a few specific sins. The person generally respond by trying to better himself, to overcome the sins of which he is convicted. Sincerely and devotedly he begins his cleansing work. His condition, however, becomes worse.

    Christian, in Bunyan's Pilgrim's Progress, observed this lesson in the house of the Interpreter. The Interpreter, the Holy Spirit, took Christian into a very dusty room. A man entered with a broom and began to sweep. But the harder he swept, the more the dust flew, until Christian was nearly choked to death.

    How is this a picture of a sinner attempting to spiritually sweep his heart clean?

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