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Page 366

In practice, how do both permissiveness and legalism deny the Bible as the only, infallible source of truth?

    Amy's teacher questioned her class on the differences between permissiveness, biblical strictness, and legalism. She wrote the following ten statements regarding dress and appearance on the chalkboard and asked the class to identify each as one of the three and to explain why. Answer each of the following statements according to these directions.

      1.How one dresses does not matter; it is the inward, spiritual truths that count.

      2. A person must dress modestly.

      3. A converted person must always wear black clothing.

      4. All married men must wear beards.

      5. No men are permitted to wear beards.

      6. It does not matter how a man or woman wears their hair.

      7. There is to be a distinction between male and female hairstyles; a man's hair must be shorter and a woman's hair longer.

      8. A woman's hair must reach the center of her back.

      9. A woman's skirt must reach the top of her ankles.

      10. The wearing of all forms of jewelry is wrong.

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