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Page 389

    "That globe is very remarkable. It was not made by anyone. It formed itself - entirely by chance."

    "You're not serious, are you?" his friend asked after observing his friend's serious answer and expression.

    "I know that it is most remarkable," Mr. Kircher replied solemnly, "but it is true. This globe developed by itself, purely on its own."

    His friend stared at him in disbelief and answered, "Athanasius, that is ridiculous - you know that as well as I."

    Mr. Kircher responded, "Why do you state 'my belief' that this model developed by chance to be ridiculous when it is only a minute, feeble, non-functioning resemblance of the actual heavenly bodies which you believe have developed purely on their own without a Master Creator?"

    His friend was deeply impressed by the power of this example.

    How is this story an example of blatant atheism? How was the astronomer breaking God's first commandment?

    Mr. Bryan teaches various Science and Social Studies courses in the local high school. When teaching Biology, he never mentions God as Creator, nor God's wisdom and power as reflected in the order and complexity observed in the living organisms studied.

    When teaching History, he never mentions God's providence or rule. He only speaks about secondary man-made causes, coincidences, and luck when explaining various historical events.

    How is this example an illustration of subtle atheism? How has Mr. Bryan subtly taught his students that an intelligent study of science and history can and should exclude God? Explain how Mr. Bryan is breaking God's first commandment.

    Sarah has attended church for her entire life and she is presently graduating from high school. She is terribly worried and filled with anxiety regarding two decisions she needs to make. She is unsure regarding how to answer both.

  • Solemnly - Seriously; earnestly

  • Minute - Extremely small

  • Non-Christian forms of education transgress God's first commandment. How?

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