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Page 390

What rich comfort is missed by every atheist? Why are all three forms of atheism - blatant, subtle, and practical - comfortless?

How can Christians exercise practical atheism?

    The first problem involves Rodney, another twelfth grade student whom she has been dating for a few months. She does not know whether to continue to date him or not. She likes him in certain ways, but does not really care too much for him in other ways.

    The second difficulty pertains to her life after graduation. She does not know what she should do. She has academic abilities for entering college, and has earned top marks in high school. Several people have encouraged her to pursue higher education. Sometimes this appeals to her, but at other times more schooling seems distasteful.

    For several days, Sarah has not slept soundly nor has she eaten that well. She is filled with anxiety and is emotionally uptight. She is being forced to make two important decisions and she does not know what to do.

    But Sarah has never placed her concerns before the Lord in prayer. She has never looked to Him for guidance. She has never searched His Word for an answer. She has never examined God's providence, praying for divine light, for God to clearly reveal to her the way she should go.

    How is this an illustration of practical atheism? Sarah confesses to believe in God, but practically, she has approached these important decisions in her life exactly as an atheist would. Explain how this is true. How is Sarah breaking God's first commandment?

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