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Page 399

    If a person wishes to commit suicide, he can for it is his life and no one else's; it is his decision (for life is not God-given in this view). Euthanasia is a decision to be made by each individual and family; it is up to them.

  • God's Word teaches, "Thou shalt not commit adultery" (for marriage is an institution of God). Humanism believes that this is a decision for each adult to make for themselves. If both are consenting adults, non-marital sex is fine.
  • God's Word proclaims, "Honor thy father and thy mother" (for authority is God-given). Humanism teaches that each young person must decide for himself; he must make up his own mind. "Do your own thing" is its theme. If a person agrees with his parents or other authorities, fine; but if not, then be "true to yourself." Fight for your own rights and do that which you want to do.

In this manner, several currently contentious issues could be examined, but each will ultimately result in the same debate -is there one God over all and an absolute morality for all, or is each person a "god" with the right to determine his own values and morality?

God's structure for governing human affairs can be pictured as follows:

  • Euthanasia - The killing of a very old or ill person by active means or passively withholding required medical means

  • Contentious - Debatable; causing disagreeements and arguments

  • How does this sketch reflect the teaching of the first commandment?

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