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produces a hopeless disarray of constant conflict and confusion, as pictured below.

The more the one true God and His infallible Word are rejected and each individual's self-determined will and word are established, the more a society will move from unity to disunity, from agreement to disagreement, from peace to conflict. The reason for this is apparent. Each individual views himself as "god," and therefore has the "right" to do as he pleases. What pleases one "god" does not please another "god," however. Each "god" believes that no one has the right to require him to do anything against his will or to impose his values on him since he is "god." However, each "god" expects all others to agree with his will and moral values -as "god" he-feels he has this "right." The end result is the endless chaotic battle of millions of "gods" fighting for the establishment of their own moral standards.

The following story illustrates the resulting confusion from rejecting God's Word and each human "god" attempting to establish moral standards according to his own ideas and feelings.

    Imagine a person purchasing a fairly complicated appliance that needs to be assembled. Enclosed in the box of parts is a complete, detailed instruction sheet from the appliance manufacturer, its creator. The directions clearly state how the appliance must be assembled and maintained if it is to function properly and smoothly.

    However, this purchaser reasons, "I don't need the instructions. I can assemble this without them. In fact, I

  • Disarray - Disorder; confusion; chaos

  • Why does a secular humanist's proclamation that "abortion is a moral decision each individual needs to make for herself" strike at the heart of a Christian's religion?

    Why does a Christians's proclamation that "abortion is murder, the wrongful taking of God-given life" strike at the heart of a secular humanist's religion?

    Why were issues such as abortion, euthanasia, and nonmarital sex condemned and not debatable topics previously in our country's history? Why are they contentious subjects today?

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