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What results will be observed in the societal life of a country as it increasingly follows or departs from God's law?

    know a better way than these directions state." He pushes the instruction sheet aside, and attempts to assemble the appliance according to his own ideas and calculations.

    What happens? The assembly of the appliance becomes increasingly confused until a point is reached where the person gives up, takes apart that which is assembled improperly, and returns to the direction sheet provided by the appliance's creator - the directions he should have followed in the first place.

    God is the Creator of extremely complex human beings, societies, and order structures. He has given to man a complete, detailed "direction sheet" for their orderly functioning - His Word, the Bible. Humanism, however, pushes these' 'directions" aside, believing that it knows a better way. It reasons and teaches, "We do not need to consult that old instruction sheet nor follow those old-fashioned rules. There is a faster and better way to obtain fulfillment and happiness." Departure from the Creator's directions, however, will result in increasing confusion and chaos.

    How can God's law be compared to His "direction sheet" for moral order? How does secular humanism depart from the first "direction"? If the first direction is not followed, what will become more apparent as its attempts at assembly progress?

Secular humanism is a present-day, all-out attack upon the first of God's commandments. Satan knows that if he can destroy this foundational command, then the rest of God's law-word will crumble. Why? If God is no longer viewed as God, then God's Word will no longer be regarded as God's Word - as an absolute, infallible, moral standard for all.

A second widespread transgression of the first commandment taking place in our society today is professional sports. Professional athletes and ball players are idolized in present-day society in numerous ways. How do the following examples illustrate the truth of professional sport idolization in our society?

    The March 22, 1988, Vancouver Sun newspaper printed an article regarding the professional boxing match between Michael Spinks and Mike Tyson. The article included the following information:

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