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Page 403

      "While Tyson would make big money against anyone he fights, the major money match will be against Spinks. He could make from $17 million to $20 million, while Spinks would get about $13.5 million.

      "After the closed circuit television match against Spinks, plans call for Tyson to resume his seven-fight $26.5 million deal with HBO, a U.S. cable network."

    By way of contrast, the United States paid its President a salary of $200,000 (U.S.) in the same year, 1988; and Canada's Prime Minister received $122,900 (Can.).

    Why is a society willing to pay one man 85 to 160 times more than its President's or Prime Minister's annual salary to fight another person for a few minutes? Of what value to the leadership and betterment of a country is a professional boxer in comparision to its leader? What causes this tremendous distortion in financial payments?

    Mrs. Sandmell has joined a local "Football Widows' Club." This group was formed to provide "a source of strength, fellowship, and tension-release for frustrated wives during the football season." During the football season, it appears, many families experience very stressful times. To many husbands and fathers, football reigns

How do the salaries paid to the famous professional sports figures reflect our society's idolization of them?

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