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  • Syndrome - Condition; various circumstances characteristic of a certain condition or disease

  • How are the priorities of our lives directly related to the first commandment? In what ways do we reveal that which is most important and least important to us?

      supreme. Everything is sacrificed including wife, children, and pressing duties for the "big games." Nothing may interfere with, or interrupt "game times." Millions of dollars are paid for television advertising minutes during major games.

      That which is placed first in one's life, other than God, is an idol. How can we explain the "football widow" syndrome in our society?

      Mark has collected more than two hundred baseball cards. He knows which team each player is on, the position he plays, and the basic achievements of each as a hitter or pitcher.

      Mark has memorized the batting averages, home run totals, and RBI's (runs batted in) of all his better players. He loves it when anyone asks him questions about professional baseball players or his cards. He is completely involved whenever anyone talks about baseball.

      Mark's knowledge of baseball players far exceeds his knowledge of biblical kings; he knows the names of complete ball teams by memory, but cannot name all of the twelve apostles; he loves to talk about professional baseball, but finds religious discussion boring.

      How is Mark breaking God's first commandment?

      Explain how all the previous examples are transgressions of this commandment.

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