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Page 407

The following observations reveal examples of the worldly reversal of divine priorities, the "worshipping" of professional sports, and idolizing of its best players.

  • A crowd numbering tens of thousands assembling to watch a Sunday professional football game, while a few hundred meet in a neighboring church to hear God's Word proclaimed
  • News broadcasts devoting more time to "Sports Reports" than to spiritual, emotional, or mental health matters
  • A great hockey player being paid a higher salary than an accomplished brain surgeon
  • Crowds of people eagerly waiting in line for a baseball player's signature, but disinterested in meeting a Supreme Court judge
  • Numbers of people being more interested and concerned about the outcome of a professional ball game than the outcome of a local government decision
  • People being more upset over a loss experienced by their favorite team than a spiritual failure in their own or another's life
  • More concern and excitement being shown over a person hitting a 3 inch (7.5 cm) ball or puck over a fence or into a net, than a governor's (premier's) speech

When examining physical fitness and group physical activities, following items need to be examined.

How do the following testify of a person's approval and support of idolized, professional sports in today's society?
- Attendance as a spectator
- Watching and listening to games on television or radio
- Joining in excited discussions regarding game results

Why do these reflect transgressions of God's first commandment?

How does moderate, personal participation in athletic activity for personal health, or young peoples' group activity reflect a different motive than that underlying professional sports?

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