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Page 415

    should Cindy not be ashamed about her church maintaining a pure, Spirit-emphasized, Word-centered style of worship as God has ordained?

    Mr. Menton also attends Cindy's church. He is proud of the worship service of his church, however. He believes that the longer the service, the slower the singing, the darker the clothing, the more somber the atmosphere, the more rigid the format, the better the church is. How is Mr. Menton guilty of emphasizing the physical aspects while ignoring the spiritual? While in an opposite way, how is he just as guilty of trusting in physical things as those who worship by using many physical items that he firmly condemns?

Pictures or images of the Lord Jesus also transgress the second commandment. Jesus is God, the second Person in the holy Trinity. The second commandment forbids all attempts at making any physical likenesses, pictures, or images of God.

    Mike listened to his catechism teacher explain that pictures of Jesus are a transgression of the second commandment. He disagreed and said, "I think that pictures of Jesus are only pictures of His human nature, not His divine. Therefore they are no more wrong than pictures of the disciples or anyone else."

How are both of the following in error: emphasizing only the physical or only the spiritual aspects of church worship?

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