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Page 417

We can sin against God's second commandment inwardly as well as outwardly. We can form false "mental images" of God as well as physical. We can "carve out" false pictures of God in our minds as well as from rock. A person can falsely picture God as "all love" or "all justice"; as only imminent, or only transcendent. The first false picture of God produces only feelings of commonness, irreverance, and casualness; the other of fear, dread, and unapproachableness.

A person can worship God, but picture Him as a "Sunday-and-
devotion-time God" and not an "everywhere-present-at-all-times God."

    Mr. Denmon strictly observes his Sundays and family devotion times. He never misses a church service or cuts short a mealtime devotion. This past Sunday he was in church twice, as usual. He again made certain that his entire family was dressed appropriately and listened attentively.

    On Monday, however, he returns to his work. The people he works with have no idea that he is a "Christian." His words and actions fit in with the others in his firm. As a salesman, he is the most hard-nosed of his company. He continually lies about the products of competitors and will overstate the regular price of items to make their "sale" price appear more spectacular. In short, he will say or do almost anything to secure a sale.

    What type of "mental image" of God has Mr. Denmon formed?

  • Imminent - Near at hand; close; approachable
  • Transcendent - Far above or beyond; supreme; lofty; beyond approach

  • A "Sunday-only Christian" believes in a "Sunday-only God." What does this statement mean?

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