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Page 432

A person's name is special. The names of a person's loved one are treasured. Love jealously guards the honor of those it loves. God's Name is most special. God's Names are to be loved, honored, and jealously guarded.

    Rick was casually listening to a discussion of his fellow students. He was standing against the wall just around the corner from the group. Unnoticed, he was calmly listening while several people were being condemned for their actions in a recent classroom problem.

    Suddenly he heard his girlfriend's name being mentioned. Instantly he was concerned. Listening intently, he did not miss a word. After hearing his girlfriend's name being degraded, he sprang around the corner ready to fight the person who had insulted her honor.

    Rick's girlfriend's name was special to him, but God's Name is far greater and more special. What should our reaction be when we hear God's Name being misused? If we react more strongly to the misuse of our own name or that of a loved one, than to God's Name being abused, of what sad truth is this an indication?

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