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Page 433

Profanity is a very serious crime. It implies irreverence for, and contempt of, God. It blasphemes God's Name. It employs the Name of God, which deserves the highest reverence, for the basest of purposes. It expresses rebellion against God's authority, order, and kingdom - against God Himself. Therefore the Lord cannot and will not "hold him guiltless that taketh His Name in vain."

    "I did not mean it," Randy told his school principal after being referred to the office for profanity. "I must have used those words, but they just slipped out before I knew it."

    "Do you know that the statement you just made makes your profanity worse?" his principal asked.


    "Yes, worse. If this were the first time you used profanity, the words would not 'just slip out before you knew it.' This tells me that you have developed a habit of using profanity which is worse than falling into this sin for the first time."

    Randy did not know what to say; in silence he stared at the floor.

    While both are terrible, why does habitual sin reflect a worse degree of sin, than a single falling into sin?

Profanity extends wider than the strict misuse of God's Names. It also includes the mocking or degrading of God's attributes, words, ordinances, or works.

  • Blasphemes - Uses God's Name or sacred things impiously or irreverently

  • Why is our selection of friends important when considering our daily language?

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