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Why is the true knowledge. of self and Christ inseparably connected?

Why are the spiritually "rich" (in their own eyes) actually "poor" (in God's sight) and the spiritually "poor" actually "rich"?


Yea doubtless, and I count all things but loss for the excellency of the knowledge of Christ Jesus my Lord.

- Philippians 3:8a


Christ's labors as Prophet, Priest, and King are deeply needed and valued by all true believers. God's children experience their own spiritual ignorance and blindness. They painfully realize that, as fallen creatures, they cannot teach themselves. Therefore they desire and esteem Christ's work as Prophet to teach and enlighten their minds and hearts.

Experiencing their own unrighteousness and guilt, poorness of prayer, and sinful condition, they need and treasure Jesus' sacrificing, praying, and blessing work as Priest.

Knowing their enslavement to, and need for protection from, self, sin, world, and Satan, and their inability to control and keep themselves in the proper path, they plead for and value Christ's delivering, protecting, and ruling work as King.

What a glorious Prophet, Priest, and King is Jesus Christ! He has such a fulness for sinners who experience their emptiness! He is everything for His people who experience they have nothing. Is this your experience -learning more of both the insufficiency of your work and the all-sufficiency of His? The decreasing of trust in self and the increasing of trust in Jesus Christ is a clear characteristic of spiritual life. Is this true in your life?

    Abraham Lincoln, formerly President of the United States, was once ill and instructed his staff to turn away all who came to see him -congressmen, senators, cabinet members, etc. -the most distinguished visitors.

    That day, however, a poor widow arrived from some distance and asked to speak with the President. When told that he was ill, she pleaded so earnestly to be able to see him that the attendant went in to ask Lincoln.

    "Show her in," the President replied. He refused the powerful and mighty, but his heart was touched by the poverty of this widow.

    Who will gain access to the King of Kings -the spiritually rich and proud, or the poor and needy? Why?

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