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Page 442

  • Brazen - Openly defiant; bold; impudent; shameless
  • Malicious - Purposely trying to hurt or injure another
  • Derision - Ridicule; mockery
  • Contempt - Disdain; scorn; disrespect
    • This shocked everyone into silence for a few minutes, but soon the talking resumed and it rapidly returned to being as profane and offensive as before.

      One lady in the group was especially loud and brazen in her language and attitude. She seemed to take malicious pleasure in expressing loud, laughing words of gross profanity, purposely looking at Rev. Erskine with smiles of derision and contempt.

      A sudden storm arose, however. The sky became black, the wind very gusty, and the waves rocked the ship severely. The pilot seemed unable to keep the boat under control. This unexpected change of events altered the behavior of the passengers remarkably; seriousness rapidly replaced mockery.

      The lady who led the others in blasphemy was the most fearful. She pleaded with Rev. Erskine to allow her to sit by his side. With large, fearful eyes she turned to him and said, "Oh Sir, if we die, I want to be at your side!"

      Why do fearful, insecure people often resort to using loud, crude, and profane types of language?

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