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Page 445

    Sarah was recently married. On her wedding day, she took the name of her husband. She used to be named Sarah Smith, but now she has become Sarah Mandon. She has not taken his name in vain. She loves her husband, she desires his honor, she wants to serve and please him, and she has promised to do this "until death do us part."

    Sarah also bears another name, however - the name Christian. She comes from a Christian home, graduated from a Christian school, and attends a Christian church. However, the secretaries that she works with never see that she desires Christ's honor, nor that she wants to serve and please God. They do not observe love to God or others in her behavior. She is self-centered and impatient, never speaking of God or His truth. Her fellow secretaries do not observe any difference between themselves and Sarah.?

    How is Sarah taking God's Name in vain?

    Jack enjoys his Bible course at school. He participates in class discussions and scores well on all of His Bible tests. He has had "A's" on his report card for Biblical Studies.

    Outside of school, however, Jack's language and behavior are not what they should be. He has even drawn others from his school into sinful practices.

    How is Jack taking God's Name in vain?

How is a "Christian" that is not following Christ taking God's Name in vain?

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