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Why is the active use of God's means of grace very important? Why is this especially true on Sunday?

and prayer. Include time for non-rushed family devotions and prayer at the breakfast table. Strive to "dress your soul as well as your body when preparing for church. God has provided, and will bless the personal use of His means of grace to prepare hearts for the hearing of His Word.

3. Faithfully use the means of public worship - Do so by:

  • Asking a blessing for yourself and others before the worship service begins
  • Striving to pay attention, to avoid distracting thoughts, and to deepen your understanding of God's Word and its truth
  • Endeavoring to remember that God is speaking and to humbly judge yourself according to the words you hear
  • Seeking God's applying grace for your spiritual and personal needs
  • Participating thoughtfully and diligently in the entire service, including congregational singing

4. Faithfully use the means of family worship - Do your best to encourage and show interest in Sunday family worship activities. Some possibilities include:

  • Family singing - each member of the family choosing one or two songs
  • Family reading - reading an interesting religious biography, collection of stories, or other book (such as Pilgrim's Progress) together
  • Family Bible quizzing -answering various Bible quizzes from books or church magazines together
  • Family discussing - talking about the sermon on the way home from church in the car or sharing that which you have been studying in Bible or Bible Doctrine at school, church, or catechism are some possibilities

5. Faithfully use the means of personal worship - plan your Sunday time carefully to include:

  • Personal reading - purchase or borrow various interesting and instructive books for personal reading. Sunday, especially, provides suitable time for this. Numerous

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