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Page 456

How does Ron's "Sunday schedule" reflect a serious attempt to follow God's loving command, "Remember the Sabbath Day, to keep it holy"?

unnecessary work demands or for outward pleasures. Personal employments, hobbies, and recreations that are permissible on other days are not allowed on Sundays; we are to "remember the Sabbath Day, to keep it holy" - separated and dedicated to God.

    Ron found that preparing a Sunday schedule each Saturday night helped him to look forward to and to regulate his Sunday. His normal "Sunday schedule" was similar to the following:

      7:30: Alarm; wake-up

      7:45: Personal devotions

          Bible Reading - Psalm 103
          Meditational Reading - J. C. Ryle's Daily Readings


      8:15: Breakfast - Family devotions

        Dress for church

      10:00: Church service

      12:00: Lunch - Family devotions

        Personal Reading - Through Many Dangers
        (biography of John Newton)

        Bible Quiz from the Banner of Truth - help younger brother

        Continue study on "Why Abortion Is Wrong"
        - Use Nave's Topical Bible and other books from the church library

      3 :00: Snack - family

        Family singing
        Family reading
        Family discussion

        Help prepare dinner

      5 :00: Dinner - Family devotions

        Dress for Church

      7:00: Church service

      8:45: Youth group - Singing and discussion

      10:30: Home

          Bible Reading - I Corinthians 14:1-15

    While everyone's personal, family, and church circumstances are different, how can the making of a personal schedule be helpful for one's Sunday observance?

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