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Page 469

    classroom rules, despite my warnings, and decided that you would receive detention punishments for your next talking offenses."

    "But Daryl and Frank were talking, too, right in front of me; and you didn't say anything to them."

    "I noticed Daryl talking to someone next to him, yes. I don't believe that I observed Frank speaking. I did not say anything to Daryl, in the same way that I did not say anything to you the first times you were talking when you should not have been. But after repeated offenses, I warn, and then assign detentions."

    "I understand, Sir. I'll try to watch it."

    "Fine, Robert, and again, I appreciate your approaching me privately to speak about this matter."

    How did Robert put into practice the previous guidelines of speaking privately, respectfully, and non-aggressively?

    Picture the same classroom scene handled in the following manner:

    "That will be a noon-hour detention for you, Robert," Mr. Snyder states.

    "That is ridiculous," Robert mutters to those around him. "You can't even ask for an eraser around here! I'm not serving a detention for that!"

    "Pardon me, Robert? Do you have something to say?" Mr. Snyder asked.

    "Yes! I ask Diane for an eraser and get slapped with a detention. I think that's ridiculous!"

    "You speak that way to me in class, and you're out, Robert! Report immediately to the office; I'll speak with you after class. Go, now!"

    In this case, how did Robert fail to implement the guidelines of speaking privately, respectfully, and non-aggressively?

While dealing with all forms of authority, the fifth commandment emphasizes a person's father and mother. The teen years can produce special, difficult tensions in this area. The degree of tension is determined by the degree of honoring, or rebelling against parental authority.

How does self-sacrifice test the depth of one's obedience? How was the depth of Abraham's obedience severely tested?

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