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From Our Reformed Doctrinal Standards

Q. 49. Of what advantage to us is Christ's ascension into heaven?
A. First, that He is our advocate in the presence of His Father in heaven; secondly, that we have our flesh in heaven as a sure pledge that He, as the Head, will also take up to Himself, us, His members; thirdly, that He sends us His Spirit as an earnest, by whose power we "seek the things which are above, where Christ sitteth on the right hand of God, and not things on earth."

Q. 50. Why is it added, "and sitteth at the right hand of God"?
A. Because Christ is ascended into heaven for this end, that He might appear as Head of His Church, by whom the Father governs all things.

Q. 51. What profit is this glory of Christ, our Head, unto us?
A. First, that by His Holy Spirit He pours out heavenly graces upon us His members; and then that by His power He defends and preserves us against all enemies.

Canons of Dordt


Article 4

This death derives its infinite value and dignity from these considerations, because the Person who submitted to it was not only really man, and perfectly holy, but also the only begotten Son of God, of the same eternal and infinite essence with the Father and the Holy Spirit, which qualifications were necessary to constitute Him a Savior for us; and because it was attended with a sense of the wrath and curse of God due to us for sin.

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