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When speaking of the states of Christ, the word state refers to Jesus' relationship to God's law and justice and its resulting condition. Whenever any person's relationship to a law is considered, only two states are possible - either guilty or innocent. If guilty, the resulting condition is one of shame, suffering, and penalty; if innocent, one of honor, liberty, and reward. The following story illustrates the meaning of state and condition.

    Vincent chose to write his Social Studies report on his country's judicial system. He visited the local court and observed a jury trial.

    After all the witnesses were heard and submissions of evidence were received, the judge instructed the jury that they must reach a decision regarding the defendant's relationship to the law; two states were possible - either guilty or innocent.

    After meeting for some time, the jury returned to the courtroom. The jury spokesman declared the defendant to be guilty.

  • State - The relationship of a person to the law - either guilty or innocent
  • Condition - Circumstances found in a certain situation

  • How are the states of Christ related to the states of His people?

  • Defendant - The accused; the person against whom a charge is brought in a court of law

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