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Page 81

    Traveling on a train, a young child ran back and forth, smiled and talked, climbed on laps, and played freely with the passengers on the crowded railroad car.

    A minister on board, observing this child, wondered whose child it was, for he could not tell.

    Suddenly, with a piercing whistle, the train plunged into a dark tunnel. In a moment the child flew to its mother and nestled in her lap.

    The minister remembered this incident and used it frequently when preaching on deep affliction or entering the dark tunnel of death.

    What a blessing it is that God's children have a Security, a Refuge, a Comfort to which, child-like, they can flee!

    Which of the four reasons for the necessity of Christ's burial is illustrated by this story? Why?

For God's children, death has lost its sting and the grave its victory. Death and grave now secure the death and burial of the old nature and a passageway to eternal life - immediately for the soul, and in the future for the body. Their body shall rest in the grave. The soul will joyfully anticipate its reunion with the body on the glorious resurrection day.

What rich comfort and security is missed by those who deny God and Christ, especially when facing severe trials or death?

If Christ has conquered death for His people, why do many of His children yet fear its approach?

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