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Each of the major cults have been founded by people who have died, such as Jehovah's Witnesses (Russell), Mormons (Smith), and Christian Scientists (Eddy). The Christian faith has been founded by One who is alive forever. Why is this difference significant?

What rich comfort is missed by all those denying the truth of the resurrection?

The word "cemetery" is a Christian word. It is a term which means "sleeping-place. " How does this word reveal Christian faith and hope in the resurrection?

Jesus' resurrection testifies both of His people's salvation and glorification. They experience the wonderful beginnings of Christ's new life on earth and the glorious fullness of it eternally in heaven.

    Is this your present and future life?

    A native woman who worked in the home of a faithful Korean missionary observed the death of his four-year-old son, who gave a clear testimony of God's saving work in his heart.

    The boy's final words to his father were, "Don't cry, Daddy, I'll see you again - you will get me back." The family's calmness, prayers, and tears of joy as well as sorrow made a deep impression upon this woman.

    At the burial service, she saw other native women crying and asked them why. "We're crying for the foreigners who lost their son," they answered.

    "You do not need to do that," the native woman replied. "These foreigners have a way to get their dead back again. Don't ask me how - but I know it's true!"

    God richly blessed the missionary's preaching regarding the hope of the resurrection. Many felt the truth of his message because of his own son's death.

    What produces the great difference between the death of believers and unbelievers?

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