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TO: All high school students, other young people, and adults reading this book.

Dear Friends,

Can you read what is written on the chalkboard in the photograph pictured on the title pages - pages 2 and 3? It is reproduced for you here:

What does this sketch mean? What is in the center of this drawing? The Bible is God's Word. It proclaims God's eternal and unchanging truths. The truths of the Bible are called doctrine. In this series of books, Bible Doctrine for Teens and Young Adults, Books I, II, and III, you will study Bible doctrine the truths of God's Word. The core doctrines, those necessary to believe for salvation, are called dogmas. The explanation of Bible doctrine is called theology.

Theology is the attempt to properly understand that which the Bible is teaching regarding a certain doctrine. To do this, it is necessary to read all of the references to this truth found throughout the entire Bible. These references must be carefully studied and compared, and then placed into statements and explanations of belief. This is needed in order to properly summarize that which the Bible teaches about sin, salvation, death, baptism, and all other Bible doctrines. The course of study contained in this series of books is a beginning course in theology.

No person is as important to know as God, no book as necessary to read as the Bible, and no truths as crucial to understand as the doctrines of Scripture. Therefore, as you study Bible doctrine, do so seriously and prayerfully. God can bless your study by applying these truths in your heart and life. To personally and increasingly come to know, love, and follow God and His truth is the most important purpose of human life; it is the reason why man was created. Through salvation in Jesus Christ, sinners can be restored into a loving relationship and communion with God to God's glory and their joy.

May God personally bless your study of Bible doctrine, through the means of this series of books.

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