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Concerning My Responsibilities to Honor God:

  • The necessity to develop my God-given talents
  • The necessity to use my God-given preparation time for life
  • The necessity to utilize all available means for increasing scriptural knowledge

Concerning My Responsibilities to Serve for the Benefit of Others:

  • Benefits for my family
  • Benefits for my church
  • Benefits for my work
  • Benefits for my society

Concerning My Responsibilities to Care For Myself - My Personal Development:

  • Increased thinking and reasoning skills
  • Increased communication skills
  • Increased confidence when dealing with others
  • Increased employment opportunites

Education must be based upon the principles, the infallible and eternal truths, of God's Word; not upon the changeable ideas of man. Its curriculum structure must be built around biblical truth as displayed in the diagram below:

Christian education is not only desirable, it is necessary. The reasons why it is required are listed in the chart on the following page.

Why is one's Christian education both a blessing and a responsibility.

  • Curriculum - Courses of study offered at a school

  • What is the greatest danger in non-Christian education?

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