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Page 108

A person can lie by telling only part of the truth to deceive others. The following are illustrations of this.

    "May I go to Alice's place, Mom?" Willy asked.

    "Is your homework finished?"

    "Yes, I finished my Math at school and my Biology at home."

    "Then yes, that will be all right," her mother responded, "but be home by 9:30."

    "I'm glad she never asked about English," Willy thought, as she left the house, "Because the writing assignment that I need to do yet will take at least an hour!"

    Ron asked his parents for permission to attend a school activity on Friday evening. After meeting his friends there, however, he left with them to go elsewhere.

    When his parents asked how the activity evening was and who was there, Ron answered them in such a way that they believed he was there for the entire time.

We can deceive others by being silent when we should speak. The following illustrations are examples of breaking God's ninth commandment by not speaking.

    "Has anyone not finished the problem I assigned for homework?" Bert's Math teacher asked.

    Bert looked around and observed that everyone had finished except him. "I don't want to be the only one not finished," he thought, "and Mr. Dennon will not check. I won't say anything." Bert remained silent.

    During the weekend, three large windows were broken at Mark's high school. "I need your help to solve this crime," Mr. Orville, the principal, told the students. "This is not a matter of 'tattling,' for I would never ask you to do that. But when serious vandalism has taken place, when a crime has been committed, then all who know anything about it are required to witness. If any of you know or

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