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Page 109

    have heard who is responsible, please speak with me later or place a note in my office mailbox."

    Mark knew who the guilty persons were, but he did not tell the principal. "If those three find out that I told on them, I'll really be in trouble," he reasoned.

A person can deceive others through exaggerating or minimizing the truth. The following is an example.

    "We have placed more than one hundred of this model of our copier locally in the greater city area," a salesman tells an office manager in his bid to sell this model. In actuality, his company had placed twenty-three copiers in the locality, and not all of them were the model he was presently selling.

We can break God's ninth commandment through lying in a flattering manner or to cover up our true thoughts, feelings, and intentions.

    "I have never worked for a better boss," Mr. Smithers told the plant supervisor. "I really enjoy working for you." In actuality, he dislikes many actions of his boss and considers him to be very unfair.

Are all forms of fiction sinful? How do Christ's parables differ from lying stories?

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