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Page 111

    Wishing that Walter would slow down, but wanting to sound as tough as the others, John exclaimed, "Don't let up!"

    Joe was scared. The speedometer showed 70 mph (110 km/h) and climbing! Looking at the others, however, who all seemed to be enjoying the excitement, and not wanting to be thought of as a sissy, Joe yelled, "Go!... Go!... Go!"

    Walter was really frightened now, but none of the other guys were, he thought. Determined not to be a "chicken," he held the accelerator to the floor and firmly gripped the steering wheel.

    Peer pressure held all five friends in its grip. All five were now terrified as they raced at 80 mph (130 km/h) down this city street, but no one dared to say "Stop!" because each wanted to be as "daring" and "tough" as the other three.

    It is fearful to speculate what might have happened had not a policeman equipped with radar been parked along the road, whose lights and siren suddenly ended their wild acceleration.

    Each of the five friends were decent, sensible, responsible young people. What caused them to act so foolishly and irresponsibly on this particular evening? How were each of these friends lying to the other four?

How does' 'peer pressure" relate to the "fear of man"?

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