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  • Discriminatory - Separating, differentiating, or degrading on the basis of race, religion, nationality, etc.

  • To George Washington's father, was his cherry tree or his son's honesty of greater value? Why?

    Discriminatory comments and generalized accusations against certain identifiable groups in society can also be slanderous statements which transgress God's ninth commandment. Slurs against racial minorities, ethnic groups, employers, or employees are generally slanderous statements -they are not true for all people in the group and they damage the reputation of the people mentioned.

    The best defense against slander is a clean conscience. Honesty in all our dealings is vital to our peace of conscience. A lie destroys one's peace. The liar, as Adam or Eve, desires to hide after sinning, rather than to talk with others about matters concerning his lie. Before, all was relaxed and open, but now he feels uncovered and naked; therefore, he will "sew" more "fig-leaf clothing" stories together in an attempt to cover his "nakedness."

      When George Washington was about six years old, he received a new hatchet as a present. Going into the garden with it, he proceeded to chop at his father's favorite young cherry tree, damaging it beyond hope of recovery.

      After his father asked all his servants without receiving any information on who was responsible for this deed, he spoke to his son. "George," he said sternly, "do you know who killed the beautiful little cherry tree in the garden?"

      George hesitated and then answered guiltily; "Father, I don't want to lie... I did it with my hatchet."

      His fatherly emotions being deeply touched, he picked up his son in his arms and said, "George, your honesty is worth more to me than a thousand cherry trees even if they were blossoming with silver or gold!"

      How valuable is honesty? Why?

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