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Page 121

    A minister once used the following example when preaching against covetousness and miserliness.

    "The difference between window glass and mirror glass is the silver in the one and not in the other. Beware that the use of 'silver' in your life does not change your life's view from a window to a mirror. When looking through a window, we can see others and reality clearly. However, when looking in a mirror, we see everything backwards; also, it is hard to see others clearly because our own selves are always in the foreground of the picture. Be careful; pray, and strive, that the 'silver' God has given you does not change your windows into mirrors!"

    How is the "mirror" view of life "backwards" from God's created reality?

    When speaking to various groups, a wealthy owner of a large business in Sweden loved to tell the following story from his youth.

    "As a boy, I had to care for my father's sheep. One day, I wanted to be away and asked my younger sister to take my place. I told her that I would give her two coins for doing so, to which she immediately agreed. I then told her that she could handle the coins and look at them all day while I was gone, and then return them to me when I arrived back."

    When telling this, he always heartily laughed at his little sister's simplicity, until one time a stranger came to him after his speech, and said, "You are like your little sister. God has given you your wealth for a day, until He returns!"

    What powerful warning is contained in the stranger's remark?

Why is it true that in the death of the unregenerated, whether rich or poor, they leave all of their possessions behind? Why is this not true for the regenerated?

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