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Page 159

Fifteen-year-old Robert experienced the following regarding the seven prayer items listed on the previous page.

    When he seriously prayed for:

    1. God's Name, cause, and kingdom - he was more sensitive to use the opportunities God provided for speaking to others

    2. His own spiritual needs - he was more conscious of temptation and sin and more inclined to seriously use God's means of grace

    3. His own physical needs - he saw God's hand more clearly in providing his health, food, abilities, and numerous other outward blessings

    4. His family members - he had more patience for their weaknesses and concern for their interests

    5. Those in authority over him - he experienced less rebellion and more obedience to, and consideration for, them

    6. God's church and servants - he felt more desire and interest in attending church and its instructional classes

    7. All people, including his enemies - he grew in thought, care, and concern for others, and his enemies became less "enemy-like" in his thoughts

How does this example illustrate the close connection between a person's daily prayer and his daily walk? Why is daily prayer of great practical importance?

Why do prayerless people miss a rich means of promoting awareness of, and love for, God and others?


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