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  • If the developing child is part of the mother's body, after searching an anatomical chart, which organ of her body is it?
  • When the unborn child's heartbeats are detected by ultrasound at six weeks from conception, and the child's own blood circulation is observable at three weeks, whose heart and circulatory system are functioning?
  • If this distinct, developing, living creature is not a human being, after searching a biological classification chart of living organisms, what would it be?

Due to the liberalization of abortion laws or their interpretation, the following absurd contradictions or reversals of values are witnessed in our country today:

  • The most dangerous place for a developing child today is his mother's womb, the place God designed for the child's care and protection. Today, more unborn children die in our country from abortions than from all forms of diseases and accidents combined.
  • Some people are very concerned about the protection of whales, wolves, defenseless seal pups, and various endangered species of animals, and yet reveal little or no concern regarding the endangered and defenseless unborn human child.
  • Various legislators are fighting to outlaw the death penalty, even for the worst of criminal offenders, because it is viewed as cruel and unusual punishment; yet they approve of the killing of thousands of unborn children who have never broken one of society's laws.
  • If a pregnant woman was crossing the street in front of a hospital and was hit by a car and lost the child she was carrying, she could legally sue the driver of the car for the loss of the child's life. Yet another woman could enter the same hospital without an accident and legally kill her child by abortion.

  • Anatomical - Belonging to a listing of all the parts of a body with their structures and functions

  • Will the replacing of God's laws by man's create a more caring and peaceful society, or the reverse? Why?


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