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Page 170

How do self-abasement and Christ-glorification, a needy sinner and a full Savior, work together?

    Sixteen-year-old Evelyn told her pastor the following beautiful description of why she finds praying the Lord's Prayer to be very instructive.

    "Reverend, when I pray the Lord's Prayer seriously, each of its petitions corrects me and puts me in my place," she stated.

    "What do you mean?" her minister asked.

    "Well, when I pray 'Hallowed be Thy Name,' it strikes me how often I am trying to hallow my name; 'Thy kingdom come' condemns how often I want to rule my life; 'Thy will be done' convicts me of seeking my will above all. When I ask for 'daily bread,' I realize how much I worry about unknown things, far in the future. 'As we forgive our debtors' condemns me of my slowness to forgive others, and 'lead us not into temptation' condemns my sinful heart as I so often seek sinful temptation."

    After a lengthy silence, Evelyn asked, "Do you think that God would allow a sinner like me to pray the Lord's Prayer?"

    "Yes, Evelyn, yes," her pastor replied; and deeply moved, he added, "yes, such praying publicans who have nothing, receive far more than proud Pharisees who have so much!"

    What did Evelyn's minister mean by his last remark?


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