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Page 174

Why do those that believe they must "pilot their own ship" through all the "waves and storms" of life, miss the faith, rest, and security of the true Christian?

How are unbelief and anxiety related?

    with prayer. We can 'set sail' to pray. We can try to generate 'wind' by our good intentions, sincerity, and earnestness. We can 'wave' our best meditations, expressions, and feelings, but the 'sails of prayer' remain limp we do not move.

    "Without the 'wind' of the Holy Spirit, our 'prayer vessel' will not move. Our duty is to set sail, but with a deep consciousness that we are totally dependent upon the 'wind' of the Spirit."

    Why is it foolish and sinful to look to, and trust in, our own spirit of prayer instead of the Spirit of prayer?

    The captain of a ship places his young boy at the helm to steer the ship. When the boy steers off course, too close to rocks, or near shallow waters, the large hands of the father are gently placed over the little hands of his son, and the ship is directed back on course and away from danger.

    The boy is steering the ship, yet he is not steering: his father is. How are both parts of this statement true? When truly praying, is God's child praying, or is God? Explain.

    When "sailing upon life's seas," what rich comfort and security may the true Christian possess that the non-Christian misses?


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