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Page 175

Personal, devotional, daily prayer is a necessity in our lives. Salvation is God's work, and He has chosen to work it through means - the means of Word and prayer. Realizing that God both works and strengthens faith through these means compels us to establish and maintain a daily, devotional time or times.

The following is an example of a teenager's schedule for daily devotions.

    Robert's daily devotional period averages fifteen minutes in length; it includes approximately five minutes of Bible reading, five minutes of meditational reading based upon the portion of Scripture read, and five minutes of prayer. Below is his devotional schedule for:

    Tuesday, September 18

    Bible Reading: Psalm 86:1-7

    Meditational Reading: Matthew Henry's Commentary on Psalm 86:1-7

    Prayer: Remember the following:
    • God's Name, honor, cause, and kingdom
    • Thankfulness for God's blessings - personal, home, church, school, society
    • Personal needs
    • - Spiritual (Conversion)
      - Emotional
      - Mental
      - Physical
      "Please bless me that I might be a blessing to others"
    • Others' personal needs
    • - Grandma in her illness
      - Dad, Mom, and family
      - Marc's family concern
      - Sam and Helen: the talk we had together
      - Pastor and church leaders
      - Principal and teachers
    • Societal needs
    • - School students
      - Church people
      - Country: government officials, peoples, and specific sins
      - Youth group: more interest and involvement
    • Closing - "for Christ's sake"

If mealtimes would be ignored in daily life, what results would be seen in the person's physical health?
If devotional times would be ignored in daily life, what results would be seen in the person's spiritual health?


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