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Page 19

    The woman stared in shock at the doctor and finally whispered, "You murderer!"

    The doctor then explained to her how the child in her womb and the one in her arms were both living children and that he would be a murderer if he consented to kill either one. Therefore he could never morally agree to perform an abortion unless the mother's life was clearly in danger.

    If a person's country, state, or province declares abortion to be legal, does this mean that a person may have, or a doctor may perform, an abortion without committing murder? Why or why not?

Argument 2: The fetus requires a host body and therefore cannot be considered fully human because it is dependent on another.

Those who uphold this argument of individual viability tread on very dangerous territory. If it is true that an individual is less human because he is dependent upon another person or object, we could also argue that the newborn, the senile, the physically and mentally handicapped, and the medically dependent are all less human because they are directly dependent on others; that we may, therefore, dispose of them as we choose. If it is murder for a mother to kill her newborn child which is entirely dependent upon her (consider especially an infant born prematurely), why is it not regarded as murder to kill her child before it is born?

Argument 3: A woman has the right to do with her body as she wants.

Even if this argument were true (which it is not, for we are all answerable to God for all of our actions), this would not give her the right to do with another person's body as she desires. Abortion involves the destruction of another person's body, her unborn child's. To argue that the living fetus is part of the mother's body defies reason: which organ of her body would it be? Whose blood type, heartbeats, and brain waves are being recorded when the fetus is examined - the mother's or her child's? To willfully end the life of another for one's own convenience is murder.

Argument 4: If abortion upon demand is declared illegal again, women will have abortions anyway by traveling to other countries or through illegal and unsafe street abortionists.

  • Host body - A living body upon which another is totally dependent for life
  • Viability - Having the capability of sustaining individual life, of living on its own
  • Senile - Those experiencing the weaknesses of old age, especially the loss of memory and logical thinking

  • Is abortion a matter that strictly pertains to that which a woman does with her own body, or to what she does with the life of another body - her child's? Why is it important to properly understand this distinction?


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